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Tips on How to Conduct a Constructive Employee Evaluation

An employee evaluation is an essential tool for managers to identify the best performers, to guide the development and growth of team members, and to ensure the company’s objectives are being accomplished. A performance review that is successful can reduce employee turnover through improved communication and a more productive working environment. If it is not handled properly the employee evaluation can be stressful for all concerned. Here are some suggestions to conduct an objective evaluation of your employees.

Ensure an accurate assessment by collecting feedback from multiple sources. This may include coworkers, supervisors as well as other employees of the same department and clients and other stakeholders that directly rely on the worker. When assessing employee performance in a consistent manner, it is easier to identify areas for improvement and to celebrate accomplishments.

Be careful not to judge someone’s character or personality when you are giving constructive criticism. Pay attention to the actions they take at work, and connect them back to specific projects or tasks. Instead of focusing on an employee’s tendency to talk about their experiences or jump to conclusions, you could say that they are more likely to make quick decisions. It is important not to use phrases like “your lack of maturity” since it can cause the employee to feel insulted. Instead, focus on their professional actions.

Make your evaluation meeting a discussion that involves both parties. Allow the employee to give feedback and to provide their own opinions. If employees are actively involved in the process, they’ll be more at ease receiving constructive criticism.

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